Concrete Polishing Sydney

Polished concrete in Sydney is quickly becoming a popular choice for floors in all applications including retail, residential, commercial and industrial. If you are considering concrete polished floors you will benefit from a great looking, low maintenance, easy to clean floor that has low allergenic properties and a great energy rating.

The team here at Concrete Polishing Australia have teamed up with some of the best concrete polishing professionals Sydney wide so we can provide the best and most affordable concrete grinding, sealing and polishing services in Sydney, New South Wales. Simply fill out the “Quick Quote” form on the right with your details and an expert Sydney concrete polisher will be in contact with you to discuss all the available options and to work out the best solution for you at a great price.


Concrete Polishing Sydney

Polished concrete removes the need for other floor covering such as vinyl or floor boards by making the existing or new concrete slab into a great looking, hard wearing, easy to clean and low maintenance floored surface. Polished concrete can stand up to a huge amount of foot and other traffic while maintaining its great looks.

Some Other Polished Concrete Benefits

  • Long lasting – As concrete is substantially stronger than traditional floor coverings it lasts much longer and can withstand much foot traffic.
  • Saves you money – When the raw concrete slab is polished other floor coverings are no longer needed to be purchased.
  • Simple to clean – Much easier to clean compared to other floors, doesn’t harbour allergens, dirt or dust.
  • Colours & design – Concrete polishing allows many different colours, designs and textures.

Concrete Polishing Process

The first step in concrete polishing is to grind the concrete down using a specialised concrete grinder with industrial diamond discs to smooth, level and eventually polish the surface of the concrete to look great. After polishing to get the desired look stains and dyes can be applied.

Concrete Grinding Sydney

Along with the concrete polishing services mentioned above you can get general concrete grinding services through us. General concrete grinding is used for smoothing, levelling and removing resins from concrete. If this is the service you are after fill in the contact form on the right and a professional concrete grinder in Sydney will be in contact.

The process of concrete grinding consists of grinding the surface of the concrete into a great looking finish. Concrete grinding also exposes small aggregates or materials that have been placed in the concrete for a decorative effect. It is also used to remove old sealers when replacing or maintaining the surface.

Concrete Sealing Sydney

Concrete sealing is the process of filling in the small holes in the surface of the concrete to block materials such as oil, dirt and dust getting in there. Concrete sealers such as resins, epoxies and plastics are placed on the top of the concrete to prevent these substances from entering it and making it look dirty. We work with some of the best concrete sealers in Sydney, simply fill out the form on the right and one will be in contact with you to discuss the best options.

Sydney Polished Concrete Applications

There are many different applications of concrete polishing in Sydney. The most common application is polished concrete floors. Common places clients get these are in:

  • Warehouses
  • Garages
  • Retail Outlets
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Office Buildings
  • Homes

Polished Concrete Price Sydney

Due to the custom nature of concrete polishing, grinding and sealing it is quite hard to provide a generic quote without knowing the full details of the job. If you are considering polished concrete in Sydney for your application don’t hesitate to fill out the form on the right and a professional will be in contact with you to discuss your individual needs and offer a obligation free quote.