Expert Concrete Polishing in Canberra

Achieve the look and feel you are after with polished concrete

If you are in the need for concrete polishing, grinding or sealing in and around Canberra, Concrete Polishing Australia has you covered. We have made connections with the best in the polishing business, so if you are after an expert concrete polisher, send us a message via the “Easy Quote” form on the right, and we will make sure the right person for the job contacts you asap.

Polished concrete in Canberra has become a popular choice for retail, residential, commercial and industrial flooring applications. If you are considering obtaining the benefits from great looking, low maintenance, easy to clean concrete that has low allergenic properties, contact the team via the “Easy Quote” form to get the enquiry process started.

Concrete Polishing Services in Canberra

Why choose polished concrete?

If you are after a great looking, easy to clean floor or surface that is both hard wearing and low maintenance, then polished concrete is the best option for your surface. The fact that it can withstand high levels of foot traffic whilst still maintaining a fantastic look means polished concrete is a practical choice that will save you money in the long run with little to no maintenance required.

Polished Concrete Benefits

  • Longer lifespan – Polished concrete is durable and hard wearing, meaning it will last longer than other application types such as vinyl, and is a great option for areas where heavy foot traffic is expected.
  • Value for money – Save on future expenditure on your surface by obtaining the look and feel of polished concrete with little to no maintenance required. It also means you no longer need any additional surface products to get a quality looking surface.
  • Simple to clean – Polished concrete is much easier to clean compared to other flooring surfaces, and as an added bonus, it doesn’t harbour allergens, dirt or dust which makes it a fantastic choice for most homes and businesses.
  • Variety of colours & design – With many different colours, designs and textures to choose from, concrete can compete with other flooring surfaces if you require a certain look.

Concrete Polishing Process

Step one to achieve polished concrete is to grind the concrete using specialised concrete grinders with industrial diamond discs. This helps to smooth, level and later polish the concrete surface. Step two is the process of applying stains and dyes to achieve the desired look you are after.

Concrete Grinding in Canberra

Concrete grinding is the process of smoothing, levelling and removing resins from the concrete to help achieve a fantastic looking finish. It also is used to help remove existing sealer’s when replacing or maintaining concrete. If you are after this service, fill in the form on the right and we will have a professional concrete grinder from Canberra contact you with prices and information.

Concrete Sealing in Canberra

If your concrete has holes and rough edges, it is prone to oil, dirt and dust filling the holes which makes it difficult to polish and clean. Concrete sealing fills in the holes, making it much easier to clean as it prevents the before mentioned substances from entering the concrete and making the concrete look dirty and used. We have connections with many of the best concrete sealer’s in Canberra, so if you require this service, shoot us a message through the form in the sidebar and we will have one of them contact you asap to discuss your requirements.

Applications for Polished Concrete in Canberra

With a wide variety of applications of concrete polishing in Canberra, it is important to note that we only deal with flooring based services.

The majority of people who contact us utilise concrete polishing services in:

  • Restaurants
  • Warehouses
  • Homes
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail Outlets
  • Hotels
  • Garages
  • Sheds

So if you require polished concrete flooring in Canberra, contact the team via the form on the right and we will get the most suitable contractor to give you a call to discuss your concreting needs.

Polished Concrete Prices in Canberra

Due to the many variables affecting any particular concreting job, it is difficult to provide generic pricing for concrete polishing, concrete grinding and concrete sealing in Canberra. The best method to obtain a quote is to provide as much detailed information to us as possible via the contact quote form on the right, where we will have a professional in your area contact you to discuss the requirements and provide an obligation free quote. Enquire today!